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What are Garage Doctor Cabinets made of?
All our cabinets are made from high grade Australian made 18mm high moisture resistant particle board. This material is then finished with thermofused melamine with all edges protected by 1mm PVC edgbanding in order to guard against heavy knocks and eliminate de-lamination. All of the shelves are fully adjustable featuring 5 pin adjustments for the larger cupboards and we finish them all with a 2mm PVC edge guard to make them really garage tough.. We also provide shelves that are the thickest in the business at 32mm - we hate sagging shelves.
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How many colours can we choose from?
Garage Doctor has developed a range of 12 eye catching modern colours to choose from, blending rich beauty with garage tough durability. All laminates including white cabinet interiors are spill and scratch resistant and a breeze to keep clean.
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How do I plan my garage cabinets?
We recommend you take some time to understand the layout of your garage and how you would like cabinets to complement your lifestyle. Key components to remember are traffic flow, car positions and size, entry/exits, impediments such as hot water systems and other building obstructions, the need for a spare fridge, and sporting equipment such as bikes and surfboards. Once you have done this, simply print the Garage Doctor cabinet catalogue sheet from this site, get yourself a tape measure and start designing. Remember it's your garage - design it the way you want it to be!!! You're also welcome to call us - we'd love to help. Call 1300 304 311.
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How are Garage Doctor Cabinets put together? I've seen other cabinets stapled together and falling apart.
Garage Doctor Cabinets don't use staples. All of our quality cabinets are glued and nailed together and then, unlike most other cabinets are also screwed around the entire cabinet frame including the fall back. Interlocking the entire structure delivers the strength needed to be mounted off the floor without the need for additional ground support. We use only 18mm board for the cabinets' structure unlike the industry standard 16mm board. All cabinets are drilled using a computer controlled point to point router for adjustable shelving positions. Another special feature of our cabinets is the addition of quality European soft closing hinges, eliminating annoying door slap when you close your cabinets. Garage Doctors design and manufacturing process delivers beautiful, quality, "garage tough" cabinets that will allow you to store almost anything in your garage with ease.
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What do you mean your cabinets are modular? Are they expensive?
We have spent a lot of time at Garage Doctor designing a range of cabinets that we believe can be adapted to most garage designs. We have tall cabinets, overhead cabinets, base cabinets, work bench tops and a range of colours and handles that will serve just about any garage storage purpose. Each component can be joined, added to and fitted together to make a custom storage solution that is second to none. The modular system we have designed allows Garage Doctor to deliver you a tailor made garage enhancement at a price that extensive customisation simply couldn't match.
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How long do they take to install?
Your Garage Doctor Cabinets are assembled at our production facility and will be delivered to your home ready to install along with our installation team. Our team will have been fully briefed about your design and after introducing themselves will quickly get to work. All cabinets are connected directly to the studs in your garage wall using special hardened screws and are also connected to each other. All doors, draws, workbench tops and handles will be fitted with Garage Doctor's respected attention to detail and the team won't leave before an extensive clean-up. "You won't believe it's the same garage"!!!
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Are they easy to clean and care for?
Keeping your Garage Doctor cabinets clean is easy. Regular cleaning simply involves wiping with a damp cloth. For spills and stains the most important thing is to catch the stain early. Wiping it with hot soapy water is the first thing to try. Never use abrasive cleaners, wire wool scourers, copper cleaner pads or sandpaper on your cabinets surfaces.
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Do you give a warranty on your cabinets?
Garage Doctor is so sure of the quality of our cabinets that we will warranty them with no questions asked for 5 years from the date of purchase. Obvious signs of damage, abuse or excessive moisture will not be considered as a warrantable condition. Warranty is not transferable.

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