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Garage Doctor cabinets are best complemented with a range of wall hanging storage solutions. Whilst it's great to have everyday clutter behind closed doors, some items are best kept close at hand. This can sometimes be because of the size of the items like surfboards, ladders and fishing rods or perhaps it suits you just to have some items more easily accessible or in a high visibility area such as everyday sports gear or tools.

Garage Doctor has strived to find products that offer the same high quality system as our flooring and cabinetry solutions for the domestic household. We have achieved this the following innovative products:

freedomRail: (click to view)

freedomRail is the only system that takes care of all our storage needs in the garage. That's why we call it a complete solution. You won't find another system with the combination of garage-touch cabinetry, shelving, and a wide array of thoughtfully-designed accessories.

storeWall: (click to view)

With Storewall supplied by Garage Doctor you can easily solve all of your garage storage and organisation problems. Storewall vinyl storage panels are tough, waterproof, and stain resistant. With this system you can easily add or delete storage as your needs change. Storewall panels attach directly to the wall of your garage, comes in a variety of colours and accept hundreds of accessories. This system is particularly good for storing bikes, ladders and larger tools off the floor, protecting against accidental in-garage damage to cars and other stored valuables.

GridWall: (click to view)

The Garage Doctor Gridwall system utilises steel grid panels that come in mat black, white or chrome look - they attach directly to any wall space and offer a range of hooks, racks and baskets that connect directly to the system and can be re-arranged, re-organised or added to at any time. This system is particularly good above work areas for housing a multitude of tools.

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