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How much does a seamless epoxy floor cost?
This depends entirely on the size of your garage but more importantly on the type and the extent of preparation your existing garage floor will require. Your Garage Doctor consultant will be able to determine these details and give you a comprehensive quote during your Free In-Garage Consultation.
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What are the advantages of installing a Garage Doctor seamless epoxy floor in my garage?
The advantages of this system are low maintenance, long lasting, seamless, cannot harbour bacteria, softens the garage floor, won't crack, chip or peel, available in contemporary colours, antistatic, chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean.
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How thick is the finish?
No more than 2.5mm thick. About the same as 4 coats of quality paint.
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How long does it take to apply?
This depends on the preparation time, but it usually takes 3 to 4 days. The system must be traffic free (foot) for no less than 24 hours after the final coat and usually 5 days for vehicle traffic.
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I have some cracks in my floor. What do you do with these?
All open cracks and any other surface imperfections will be repaired. Extensive cracks or patch repairs may be subject to additional charges.
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My garage is full of stuff. What can I do while my floor is being coated?
Usually it's the home owners responsibility to clear the garage of all possessions however we can organise to do this for you if you wish. Usually possessions are stored within the house, however typically any covered out door area is utilised. Other temporary storage solutions may be available in your area. Discuss this with your Garage Doctor consultant.
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Is it safe/non slip?
Yes, it can be. The most popular floors are slip resistant and have a surface similar to an orange peel. If a non slip floor is required, additives are included to Australian Standard for this purpose.
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How tough is this system?
This floor system is very robust. Trucks, 4WDs and forklifts operate over similar floors with ease and no damage. Because Epoxy is a 2Pac solution it undergoes a chemical reaction which allows it to physically connect to your garage's concrete floor. When applied correctly there is no chance of peeling, cracking or lifting. This system may be used in driveways, schools, laundries, shopping malls, food preparation areas and around pools to name a few applications, but Garage Doctor specialises exclusively on laying quality seamless garage floors.
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Is it easy to clean?
Yes - a very mild detergent in warm water is usually sufficient to maintain your quality garage floor. Most garages will require sweeping or blowing every couple of months and a quick mop once or twice a year.
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Do you give a warranty on your floors?
Garage Doctor will guarantee the original purchaser against defects on workmanship or materials at no cost to you. Your floor carries a limited 2 year warranty against peeling or delaminating caused by any defect in the coating product or its application. Garage Doctor will make a good faith effort for a prompt correction of any defect. We take pride in our work and our reputation is everything.
Warranty exclusions are:
  • Defects caused be alteration or modification of any kind.
  • Abuses, misuse, neglect or accident.
  • Cracking in the underlying concrete.
  • Harsh chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, paint thinner etc.
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